(Posted on 30/01/18)

The Board of EFIA has stepped in to the voracious debate currently being played out in the UK media over single use and plastic packaging with a press release on the importance of balance, education and science in the argument.

Jo Stephenson, EFIA Marketing Director said: "At EFIA we represent companies from both the paper and plastic packaging industries and its clear that all materials have their plus points and negatives. Simply blaming one substrate over another is not the answer to the environmental challenges we have in this country.

"We have a lack of coherent recycling strategy in the UK, a problem with fundamental human behaviour i.e. lack of reponsible product disposal, and a considerable lack of consumer insight in to the value of packaging in its role in protecting, preserving and presenting goods effectively. We need to come together as an industry to educate government, media and consumers on the primary purpose of packaging in the first place rather than seeing it being cast in a very bad light.

"We take our role as the leading voice for the flexo industry very seriously and have concerns over the impact this debate is going to have on the demands to our already margin-compressed industry. We would be delighted to hear from our members on the issue and the experience they are having with their customers as a result of this situation." said Stephenson.

If you would like to get involved and support EFIA to develop a series of media communications on this debate, please email hello@phdmarketing.co.uk or admin@efia.uk.com

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