(Posted on 07/07/17)

On 15th of May 2017, the first Flexo Best Practice Tool Box Technical Meeting took place in Milan at the ATIF offices. The technical meeting started the coordination of the works, aiming to prepare and finalise a flexo toobox over the course of the next months. Representatives of supporting companies, experts from the icm.Print team, and the FTA Europe Technical Committee participated in the meeting.

The objective is to capture the Best Practices and troubleshooting expertise resident in the industry before retirement causes it to be lost for ever. “The guides will be a repository of knowledge which will enable our members to improve their profitability” said Sante Conselvan, President of FTA Europe.

With the diversity of applications of flexo from labels and narrow web through to wide web with a wide range of substrates including film and paper, it is a large task.

As a starting point, FTA Europe has been gathering together the existing material to use for the guide. The majority of information that the supporters have made available to date has been focused on pre-press and colour control, with a limited amount on plates and tapes.

“As new materials, applications and techniques arrive, it will be essential for the tool box to be a living document” said Wim Buyle, the vice president of FTA Europe, “therefore the guide will be available as an electronic publication so it can be easily updated”.

The toolbox will eventually cover all aspects of the flexo printing process required for consistent, high quality production with minimum waste.

FTA Europe experts are already extracting the essence from the documents received, while expert engineers in flexography and smart packaging from the Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating will be ensuring its scientific correctness, identifying where there are gaps in the knowledge.

For more information on the toolbox project and to support the process, please contact admin@efia.uk.com

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