(Posted on 06/06/17)

On May 2nd, during the FTA USA Annual Forum 2017 in Phoenix, an official meeting between representatives of FTA USA and a delegation of FTA Europe lead by President Sante Conselvan took place.

The meeting strenghtened the existing cooperation between the two associations in the field of flexography.

“The cooperation with the American Association was created in 2015, when President Mark Cisternino and his collaborator Joe Tuccitto warmly accepted to participate in the ATIF Flexo Days in Italy on behalf of FTA USA.  The communication channel started with Italy and has now been reinforced with the creation of a European Flexography Association (FTA Europe)”, declared Sante Conselvan, President of FTA Europe and ATIF (Italy).

“Talking about flexography without considering the global prospective is reductive and surely not particularly useful for companies. I am sure there will be several and valuable joint initiatives in the future bringing benefits to the entire sector. This first meeting in Phoenix is the demonstration of such a partnernship and mutual commitment”, concluded President Conselvan.

“As the global package printing community strives to elevate the quality and consistency in flexographic print around the world, it is imperative that organisations such as FTA-USA and FTA Europe maintain a strong collaborative relationship to ensure that our respective member companies gain the benefits achieved through our open communication“, declared Mark Cisternino, President of FTA USA.

“We were delighted to welcome the attending FTA Forum & INFO*FLEX delegates representing FTA Europe at this year’s event in Phoenix, Arizona. Through the hosting of an international attendee “meet & greet” hospitality reception at the event, it gave dignitaries from both groups the opportunity to get to know one another and discuss issues of importance within their markets in an informal, social atmosphere.”

The European delegation consisted of around 30 delegates representing the different national associations, members of FTA Europe. Moreover, also some delegates representing countries and flexo associations non-members of FTA Europe attended the meeting, as a signal of curiosity of and interests in the initiatives FTA Europe is carrying on.

Sandon Global, Absolute and Heaford were amongst the members of EFIA UK Ltd who were able to attend the event.

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