(Posted on 03/11/16)

The goal of the inaugural meeting was for the new Forum members (Mike Adams, Philip Perrin, Phil Hodges, Graham Racey, Alan Quinn,Trevor Lowes, Ian Townend, Neil Jones and Bernard Catterall) to debate and provide feedback and recommendations to the EFIA Board of Directors on the current perception of EFIA.  In addition, to recommend ideas on keeping both existing members engaged and how to penetrate and communicate to the grass roots of the industry.

The image prevails that EFIA is mainly known for its awards dinner so a number of recommendations were made to improve the profile and value of the trade association.  These included further promotion of suppliers at the Awards dinner, an EFIA app, an online knowledge base for use by members, a Who's Who directory on the website, colour standards development, more education and training solutions and much much more.

The commitment from the EFIA board is to keep the Forum members up to date with the decisions and actions resulting from the first Forum meeting and the next meeting will take place in approximately 6 months’ time giving time to visit the topics and measure progress of the recommended actions.

The Board of Directors of EFIA would like to thank all of the participants for giving their time in order to provide the invaluable feedback and recommendations.

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