(Posted on 06/11/17)

With the announcement that Andy Young of DS Smith is stepping down from his position after four successful years, the Board of EFIA is delighted to announce that Mr. Neil Jones, Managing Director of BOBST UK, has accepted the appointment of Chairman.

Andy Wilson, Group Colour Manager of Coveris UK Food & Consumer, has been appointed to Vice Chairman, at the recent AGM.

“I couldn’t be leaving the Association in safer hands than Neil and Andy,” said Andy Young. “We’ve had a tremendous period of growth, change and investment during my tenure and I’m proud of what we’ve achieved as a Board. 

“Neil has a vast amount of leadership experience at BOBST and understands, having been integrally involved in our relaunch of the EFIA Academy in the last year, what the Association needs to further drive its value for our members in terms of networking, recognition, lobbying, training and education.”

Held at the Mercure Hotel, Bowdon, Altrincham, after a successful Members Forum led by Philip Perrin of Skymark, the AGM reviewed the 2016/2017 activities and financial performance and re-elected a number of Board members. 

Dean Stamford of Amcor stepped down due to work commitments and the Board was pleased to re-appoint Bob Drew of Lohmann Tapes back to the Board after a period of absence and newly elect Steve Mulcahy of Contact Originators Ltd. in addition.

“I am extremely grateful to Andy for his leadership over the past years. The association is in a very strong position today as as result of his efforts. I am honoured to accept the position of Chairman and excited about what the future holds. 

“We are in a good financial position to begin investing in further training and education solutions, as well as market research to support our members, which has been requested on a number of occasions. We are also obviously looking forward to our upcoming Awards and encourage our members to submit entries to the competition which is now open.” said the new Chairman. 

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