(Posted on 05/04/19)

EFIA’s board unanimously agreed to this year’s candidate for Outstanding Contribution to the Flexographic Industry.  

John Glancy, the Print and Technical Manager at Smurfit Kappa Tannochside, is due to retire this year after 41 years of service to both Tannochside and the Flexo Print Industry. That length of service is something we don’t think we will see in the future. Loyalty is an incredible quality and to have given that many years to one business and one industry is a remarkable achievement.  

John is 'the font of all knowledge' for his colleagues when it comes to printing corrugated cases and has over the years produced some stunning, technically difficult prints, stretching the boundaries of capability of the flexo process in order to meet the end users’ quality and aesthetic demands.  His knowledge and experience has made him one of Smurfit Kappa’s senior print champions who is often consulted by the other print champions on technical matters relating to print capability.

During his 41 years John has been a great supporter of EFIA. He never fails to enter a number of  new prints every year across all of the post print categories and over the past 30 years has won many awards for Smurfit Kappa Tannochside. 

John joined Smurfit Tannochside on 4th December 1978 as a Production Operator. He became a senior and well-respected printer and in 1989 was asked to look after the new Martin 924 press that was being installed in the plant.  John became responsible for print training and as an assessor in the NVQ System that was operating at Tannochside at that time. 

In 1997 John became quality Manager looking after the then BS5750 system and had 2 auditors working for him.  In 2004, he became Print and Technical Manager and became responsible for print development within the site providing support to Operations, Sales and the customers.   John has continuously pushed the boundaries and has worked with plate suppliers, ink manufacturers, forme suppliers and paper and board manufacturers to ensure Smurfit Kappa keep pace with the ever -increasing demands of the market.   John achieves all of this working with a machine park that is far from being brand new!   He produces the very best results on well-maintained but ageing equipment.

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