(Posted on 18/11/15)

Over 9 months of Research & Development, Sandon Global has evolved its successful HVP and iPro engravings to create the new Fluid cell format.

Fluid is designed for all Flexo print processes and can enhance Flexo quality from HD Process to solid print. The open nature of the Fluid engraving offers many advantages to printers.

Fluid provides a semi-channelled engraving which allows an easier and controlled flow of ink between cells whilst maintaining an element of cell control.


Advantages of Fluid include:

- Reduction in anilox inventories due to increased print latitude

- Combining solid and tonal print on one plate unlike 60º engravings

- Improving solids, reducing pin-holing and improving lay

- Reduction and even elimination of UV ink ‘spitting’ for Narrow Web customers

- Improved release characteristics keeping print cleaner on the run and reducing ink starvation at high speeds

- Smoother cells with greater doctor blade support reduces vibration, increases print consistency and makes the engraving more resistant to scoring

- Increased lifespan on wear against conventional 60º engravings in normal operating conditions

- Increased cleaning characteristics


As with the Sandon iPro engraving, Fluid is capable of HD quality print. Its cell structure allows for a more robust cell formation which enables Sandon laser engineers to increase the line counts of anilox whilst providing a stronger engraving design. Due to the unique design of Fluid, Sandon is able to improve the automated micro-finishing process that is conducted after engraving without compromising cell release characteristics. The major benefit of this is to create a stronger, smoother cell that is more robust against the doctor blade. This makes the cell more resistant to score lines and therefore offers the printer a potential benefit in terms of lifespan. An additional benefit of the open nature of Fluid is increased release characteristics which keep print cleaner on the run but also reduces the potential for ink starvation at high speed. Furthermore cleanability is improved as there is less opportunity for the ink or coatings to become trapped in the cell.


For more information please contact the Sandon Team on / +44 (0)1928 579 774.

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